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National Home Care Month ~ Celebrating Caregivers!

Every year, the month of November is recognized as National Home Care & … [Read More]

10 Simple Ways to Increase your Physical Activity

Regardless of your shape or size, physical activity has been shown to add … [Read More]

Dress in Layers to Survive (& Enjoy) MN Winters

The wind is whipping and the forecast says the "polar vortex" is looming … [Read More]

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Divine Home Care definitely gets a “thumbs up” from us. My husband passed away after four years of being a paraplegic. We very much appreciated him being able to remain at home all that time. Divine Home Care made that possible. Our nurse Rita, among others, was of great help to us. We could not have managed without them. We looked forward to their many hours of TLC and the encouragement and smiles they always had for us. Thank you Divine Home Care. — Wife of Previous Client

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