You can likewise consider having trouble in the most important step because the bidding system. On its quality satisfies his or she needs to the pool of course, because they can format your grades with help! In our website that you would guarantee of … [Read more...]

Winter Weather Driving

Winter weather driving is upon us, so it is essential to be prepared before heading out the door! There are many things that can be done to keep you and your family safe during the winter driving season such as: •Ensure your vehicle is in good … [Read more...]

National Healthy Weight Awareness Month

Happy New Year! January is a common time when people think about achieving a healthy weight. It is a time when New Year’s resolutions for healthy and diet-free living habits are given focus. Obesity is among the top major health issues and is even … [Read more...]

Protect your feet this summer

The summer heat and humidity is finally here! Going to the beach, attending town festivals and family reunions with barbecues fill the sunny summer days. Are your feet begin protected during these fun summer activities? Summer can damage your feet if … [Read more...]

Managing and coping with stress

People feel a variety of emotions throughout their everyday life—happiness, stress, sadness, etc. You might feel excited about your weekend get away with family, but remember a work deadline you have to meet before leaving and suddenly feel panicked. … [Read more...]

Add new colors to your meal time

Are you getting your recommended fruit and vegetable intake of 5 to 9 servings a day? Eating fruits and vegetables in a variety of colors is more eye appealing to a person and provides a broad range of nutrients. Green fruits and vegetables are … [Read more...]

How much noise is too much noise?

Your favorite song comes on the radio, so you crank up the volume to blast the music and sing out loud at the top of your lungs. Are you aware of the damage this can cause your ears? In general, everyone is exposed to sounds in their everyday … [Read more...]

Eating healthy foods on a budget

Often people think that eating healthy costs too much money and it’s cheaper to buy packed food or quickly go through a drive-thru window at a fast food restaurant. While it may be more convenient to eat these quick fix meals, your body might not … [Read more...]

Nursing scholarship award winners

For the past three years we’ve presented a $1,000 scholarship to a high school senior who is pursuing a degree in nursing in each of our 5 office locations: Benson, Litchfield, Little Falls, Redwood Falls and Willmar. In order to be considered for … [Read more...]

Protect your skin

The Spring sunshine has finally arrived and you’re excited to catch some sun rays and get that bronze tan you’ve been dreaming about all winter long.                 Did you know … [Read more...]