Giving Back

At one of our offices about a month ago, we were discussing what we wanted to do for a little office Christmas party. Normally, we draw a name from the hat and spend $15-$20 on that person, have a potluck lunch and then exchange those gifts. This year was a bit different. We got to thinking – as fun as it is to receive presents, there is nothing that we want for $20 that we can’t go out and buy on our own. There are, however, millions of people in this world who go without every single day and our $20 gift would mean the world to them.

There were so many choices of where our money could go but we decided to send it with a woman from Willmar who was leaving for India to be a missionary. Below is an email from her explaining what she was able to do for over 100 children with a fairly small amount of money.

Pam and Jeff and all the employees at Divine Home Care,

Thank you for sending money with me to India to purchase some Christmas gifts for children in India.  Yesterday, the church gave an outreach near a local slum.  They call it a Fun Fair.  If you’ve ever been to the Fall Festival at the A/G church (Assembly of God Church in Willmar), it was similar to that, except on a smaller scale.  There were 10 stalls with different games and each kid that came received 10 tickets to play these games.  If they won the game, the received a winner ticket.  At the end they got to cash in their tickets for a prize!!!  There were about 100 kids in attendance and each one received a really fun bag/pack back thing as a gift and they got to put their prizes in their new bag.  We were able to purchase all the prizes and all the bags because of the $200 dollar you gave.  How crazy, huh, that $200 could by a gift and prizes for 100 kids from the church and slums of India?!!  Many of the kids in the slums have never been to a fun fair or anything like it, they had an AWESOME time.  Thank you for being generous and thoughtful by sending your money to India.  It was such an awesome time, and so very fun to see the many smiles and hear all the laughter from so many kids.  Blessings to all of you!!!



What a wonderful gift we did receive by seeing all of their smiling faces. Happy New Year from all of us at Divine Home Care! May 2013 bring you joy, happiness and good health.