Home Health Aides – Why Home Care Needs Them!

Caring for a client who wants to remain at home takes a team of people working together to help make that happen. This post highlights the role of Home Health Aide (HHA) and the importance he/she has at Divine Home Care.

The job of a HHA is not easy; they work very hard to take care of our clients. Their work can by both physically and emotionally demanding. Because every individual has different needs, it is a bit difficult to describe a “typical day” for an aide, but I am going to try and give you a general idea. It is not uncommon that our clients need help out of bed in the morning so that is often how a HHA starts their day – awake early so they are able to help someone else prepare for their day. HHAs assist with hands-on personal cares such as bathing, nail and skin care, oral hygiene, toileting, shaving and dressing, which helps make daily living a little easier. They also use safe transfer techniques to help a client move around his or her home. A Home Health Aide’s responsibilities often times go further when they need to perform simple dressing changes on a wound, assist with changing a catheter bag or help with colostomy care. Some aides may visit four or five clients on the same day and others may only work with one client. The Divine Home Care Office Managers (who do the scheduling) work very hard to create a consistent schedule so the clients and aides are able to build a trusting relationship.

All of the HHAs at Divine Home Care work under the supervision of a nurse (more specifically, a RN Case Manager). The nurse goes over an individual’s care plan before the aide visits a new client at their home. The care plan gives background information on the client and what cares the aide is responsible for providing. The Case Managers are in regular contact with their client’s doctors so they are always updating the HHAs when there are any changes to that care plan. Our nurses and aides have good communication with each other in order to provide each individual with the best care possible. Ultimately, everyone is working together to keep that client as healthy as possible and happy at home.

There are qualifications that must be met in order for someone to become a Home Health Aide. The individual must be 18 years or older, have a current drivers license and reliable transportation, pass a background study and successfully complete a written HHA test and competency evaluation. Besides meeting these basic qualifications, Divine Home Care is always looking to employ aides who are caring and compassionate. If you are interested in becoming a Home Health Aide and would like to be a part of Divine Home Care, click on “Careers” at the top of the page to learn more!

The author of this blog post is Divine Home Care Office Manager, Colleen Burns-Klang.