Hospice Volunteers

Volunteers play a very important and special role in the lives of a hospice patient and their family. They can offer emotional support and Hospice Visitcomfort that may be needed during this difficult time.

For Volunteers

Divine Hospice provides training to our volunteers on the issues that are related to providing companionship to the hospice patient and their family. It is important to us to learn what your talents are and how you would like to share them! If you are interested in learning more information about volunteer opportunities with Divine Hospice Care, contact our Hospice Director, Steph, at 320.231.9757 or email her, Steph@divinehomecare.com. Please include your contact information and any questions you may have.

You may download the volunteer application by clicking the button below.

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For Patients and Families

Tasks of the volunteer are assigned after a qualified hospice team member has evaluated your loved ones needs.  They may provide transportation assistance, visit with the hospice patient and/or family members, provide respite care, music and massage, play cards, write letters and engage in a supportive relationship.

Serving coffee