Make Happiness a Priority in 2014

What brings you happiness and joy? Are you able to easily name a few things or do you Happinessreally have to stop and think about that question? Do you feel like you are just too busy to enjoy the little things life has to offer? In my opinion, being able to relax and enjoy life should be a priority.  Without occasionally taking a break from the stressors of life, we don’t give our minds and bodies time to relax.  We run down easier and this can can lead to illnesses and emotional instability. 

Take a few minutes to reflect on your 2013.  How would you rate your overall happiness? If you feel as though this year didn’t go as planned and you didn’t feel as happy in 2013 as you would have liked, then recognizing the reasons why could really help you make changes for the new year. Happiness is a choice – how you think, the way you act and treat others, the people you surround yourself with – are all choices you make that contribute to your happiness.  There are steps you can take today to begin your journey to a better 2014:

  1. Make a pros and cons list from this past year and then make a plan of how you will prevent those cons from making your list next year.
  2. Instead of dwelling on the past or things that are our of your control, it’s important to only worry about what you can change.  The first thing you can do is start taking care of yourself; it’s time to put yourself first.  Everything else is secondary.  People have such a difficult time doing this; we convince ourselves that we are so selfish if we make our own health and happiness a priority.  However, if you take better care of yourself, you will be able to take better care of your loved ones and everything else will fall in to place! Women’s Day has a nice article about how to start putting yourself first.
  3. Simply eating a better, balanced diet improves your well being.  It can be nearly impossible to maintain perfect nutrition and a constant exercise routine, so don’t try to be perfect. It’s all about balance!  ChooseMyPlate will show you how your diet should look and gives great examples. 

If you have taken a few minutes to reflect on this past year and want your 2014 to be a happier year than 2013, try one or all three of these tips to begin your journey to a happier you!

This blog was written by Litchfield RN Case Manager, Crystal Lawver.