Social Services

Services that a Social Worker could work with you to obtain include:

  • Hiring someone to help you with personal cares, housekeeping, meals on wheels, transportation, adult daycare or housing services available in the community
  • Long range planning for home care services, nursing home placement or hospice services
  • Short-term therapy to increase the patient/family understanding of a disease, increased hope and sense of control, increased self-esteem and body image, decreased anxiety and depression and relaxation techniques
  • Crisis management of abuse or neglect, inadequate food and/or medical supplies, suicidal thinking
  • Direction with financial crisis and completing an application for Medicaid and chore grants
  • Legal referrals for social security benefits like SSI/SSDI and Veterans benefits
  • Assistance with completing the Medical Durable Power of Attorney process, and information on Conservatorship or Guardianship
  • Psychosocial education through support groups, behavioral plans and caregiver support