Winter Weather Driving

Winter weather driving is upon us, so it is essential to be prepared before heading out the door! There are many things that can be done to keep you and your family safe during the winter driving season such as:
•Ensure your vehicle is in good working condition with ample tread on your tires to withstand snow and icy roads. Be sure to keep a full gas tank for out of town trips.

•Pack an emergency kit to keep in the back of your vehicle or truck such as: jumper cables, tow rope, flashlight, cell phone charger, winter boots, extra set of gloves and hat, blankets, shovel, ice scraper, water/snacks.

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•Tune in to your local radio station for up to date reports on weather/road conditions and most recent school announcements.

•Visit the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s website:

•Download the app to your Apple/Android device to view road conditions for the state of Minnesota and click on cameras to view live images of where you plan to travel.

Stay Warm! Stay Safe!

Submitted by Kristin Swann, RN Case Manager from our Redwood Falls office